SoJourner McCauley


A BPHN Board Member since June 2011, SoJourner McCauley received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology before beginning her career as a client care supervisor at the Magdalene House.  There she gained first-hand experience providing homes to women in need who were going through detox or returning from a rehab center.  Her services were soon in demand at WestHab Inc., where she supervised staff at their different facilities and implemented a community forum for the understanding of homelessness.


After working at Bronx AIDS Services as a Coordinator of Community Services – where she facilitated the Consumer Advisory Board and coordinated volunteer services – Ms. McCauley used her strong community experience to plan and implement HIV awareness, maintaining a membership on the Bronx Regional Faith Based Committee through NYC AIDS Institute.


A strong advocate and champion for women, Ms. McCauley is an active member of the Womyn of Color Healing and Justice Consortium Leadership Team, and an Egbe Iwa Odo’Kunrin*Egbe Iwa Odo’Binrin (Society of Young Men and Women of Good Character) Board Member.  Her knowledge, insight and experience are invaluable resources for the BPHN Board.