Michelangelo Giordano


Not every businessman operates like Michelangelo Giordano, running a successful restaurant ownership for over 9 years in the competitive NYC market.  Yet even fewer are motivated to capitalize on that experience and give back to their community in ways to promote change.  With an extensive knowledge of the many options available for facilitating the needs of various populations in NYC, Mr. Giordano finds his greatest joy in his continuing ability to be a positive impact on the community and a force for its upward mobility.


Mr. Giordano currently serves on the Board of Helping Hands for the Homeless in Rockland County, where he exercises his firm commitment to developing everyone’s abilities and securing their right to live life to the fullest.  With faith and trust in his higher power as the foundation for all his success, Mr. Giordano feels grateful to continue living out his passion for serving the underserved.  He eagerly works with the BPHN to give families the resources needed to end their hardship, foster their belief in their ability to surmount it, and ultimately end world homelessness. Being a member of BPHN’s Board allows him to be a part of an organization that shares his vision and belief that – through teamwork and a genuine faith in the spirit – a change will come.