Jacqueline Calderon


Since 2009, Jacqueline Calderon has been one of BPHN’s most active and vibrant Board Members.   For the past 10 years she has offered her time and talent as a motivated, detail-oriented professional with extensive skills and experience in management and supervision. She is extremely knowledgeable in the execution and administrative oversight of developmental projects within the community, and her administrative accomplishments are integral to the growth and success of numerous organizations.


Ms. Calderon holds a B.S. in Human Services, and with over three years’ experience as a Shelter Director, has overseen all NYC/HRA, DOH and OSHA regulations.  Along with many other essential HR functions, she brings more than eight years’ experience as an Expeditor Project Manager, and has been directly responsible for verifying building codes and ensuring construction permit requirements are adhered to.  Her specialized knowledge and expertise are a welcome resource to BPHN.