CEO Story

Victor M. Rivera, President / CEO, M.P.A.,CASAC-T

About Seventeen years ago, Bronx Parent Housing Network, Inc (BPHN) was born out of the sheer necessity for addressing the very personal street homelessness of its founders.


One is hard-pressed to come up with the name of a Bronx leader who is more passionate about getting homeless persons off the streets than Mr. Victor Rivera, who knows first-hand what it is like to be surviving the streets of the Bronx, New York City.  It is this experience that allows him to have an exceptional perspective, leading BPHN’s service delivery through the eyes of the homeless individual.


President & CEO, Victor Rivera, who is one of the founders of BPHN, vividly recounts his desperation and despondence which is not unlike the situations of the hundreds of homeless persons BPHN has serviced from the inception.  It is this very personal commitment at the very top of the organizational structure that drives how homeless persons are handled – very carefully and with utmost respect.


It’s been a long time coming for Mr. Rivera, with many trials and tribulations; he is the man he is today because of this experience. It has never been an easy road, and he too has had his fair share of troubles with the law; substance use, gang violence, and homelessness, but is not ashamed to tell people where he comes from. Why? Because he knows that there are other people like himself who have been through the dirt and felt like there isn’t a light at the end of the tunnel, and he wants everyone to know that there is! You can get through anything!


Mr. Rivera went back to school, obtained his degree and even pursued his master’s degree in Public Administration at MCNY.  He was the Program Director for The Housing Options and Geriatric Association Resources (H.O.G.A.R) HIV Transitional Program incorporated in 1996. H.O.G.A.R’s  mission was to assist the community’s most marginalized; the elderly, extremely mentally ill adults, homeless people and persons living with HIV. In his current role as CEO of the Bronx Parent Housing Network, he provides clients with the resources that they will need to break the cycle of chronic homelessness, chemical dependency, employment security, and domestic violence.