Message from our CEO

Dear Friends, Families and Dedicated Partners,


We hear you and we are here for you.


There is no doubt that these are uncertain and unpredictable times. On behalf of the Board of Directors, staff, and everyone at The Bronx Parent Housing Network(BPHN), I am hoping you are safe and healthy.


I want to express my heartfelt empathy to everyone who is being impacted by the Coronavirus and COVID19. This dangerous pandemic has changed the entire landscape of our lives. We are isolated, quarantined, and missing and losing loved ones.


It’s a troubling and sad time for many, but we cannot lose sight of hope. Hope is what will carry us through. As documented throughout history, it has always been the hope and resilience of our communities that have brought us together and opened our eyes and hearts to the power of unity and collective, authentic compassion. In the words of Martin Luther King, Jr., “Everything that is done in this world is done by hope.”


Every year, the Bronx Parent Housing Network helps thousands of individuals and families help overcome obstacles that might otherwise leave them homeless, hungry or helpless. We provide food, clothing, shelter, childcare, healthcare, educational support and mental and emotional support. No one is turned away – no one. We will not stop until we achieve our goal of empowering everyone who seeks our help. It’s not easy, nor will it ever be…but with the support of the 300+ dedicated staff members of BPHN, it’s possible – many of whom are on the front lines at our sites and shelters ensuring the well-being of those who seek our help everyday.


BPHN is committed to making a difference in solving the housing problem in New York City by transforming lives and creating holistic paths to employment so that individuals and families can secure safe, clean, affordable, permanent housing. We are an essential service provider continuing to help over 3,500 homeless persons, keeping them safe.


Now, more than ever, Bronx Parent Housing Network needs to strive to remain a strong, vibrant-resource that helps others. We want to remind you that over the past 20 years. we have prevailed during challenging times and have been inspired by the support of funders and local supporters who play a significant role in helping us overcome obstacles. We will continue to be resilient as we deliver much needed services.


In the words of Maya Angelou, “You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.”


Wishing health and safety to all.


Victor M. Rivera
President & CEO
The Bronx Parent Housing Network, Inc.