BPHN Prayer Vigil

BPHN Hosts Prayer Vigil to Encourage Relationship Between the Community and Local Law Enforcement


BRONX – February 27, 2020 – The Bronx Parent Housing Network, Inc. (BPHN) hosted a prayer vigil at the 42nd Precinct of the New York Police Department to encourage the relationship between the community and local law enforcement in light of two recent attacks on law enforcement in the 41st and 42nd Precincts in the Bronx.


Victor M. Rivera, President and Chief Executive Officer of BPHN, who himself spent time in prison and had a difficult relationship with law enforcement earlier in his life, led the vigil with Hamilton Curtis, 42nd Precinct Council President, joined by Eva McFadden, founder of I Am My Sistah’s Keeper Worthy By Choice. A closing prayer was given by Minister Edwin Vasquez.


Standing in front of the 42nd Precinct on Washington Avenue, surrounded by uniformed police officers and members of the community holding candles, Mr. Rivera said, “After these horrible events, these brave men and women did not hesitate to put the uniform back on and go back into the community. One of the main things I work on is the unification of young Blacks and Latinos and people of color and the precincts of the NYPD in New York City. Why? Because it is paramount that we let our young people know that these are our friends and partners. These police officers are the men and women who keep all of us safe.”


After the vigil, the assembled group attended the 42nd Precinct Community Council’s monthly meeting. The April meeting of the Community Council is slated to be held at BPHN.